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Custom Lead Casting and Extrusions - Ounces to Tons
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Lead Casting - Ounces to Tons - Custom Lead Alloys

  • We manufacture custom lead castings from ounces to tons. Small prototype orders or large production runs, we can cast it all.
  • We can cast a variety of alloys using pure lead, bismuth, copper, tin, silver antimony, cadmium, and more.
  • We can cast almost any shape you need. Whether it is rounds, spheres, rod, bar, cubes, squares, rectangles, bricks, blocks etc., and machine to your final specifications as required - you name it, we can custom cast it.
  • Using our in-house machine shop, we can translate your CAD/CAM drawings into customs moulds for casting.
  • Combining our 100 ton and 125 ton extrusion presses and our collection of extrusion dies, we can cast, extrude and machine virtually any parts.
  • If you prefer to have parts coated, we offer a variety of safety and protective coatings such as Plastisol, Powder Coating, and Paint.
  • If you need other services such a hot pour into your equipment, we will gladly drive within a 200 mile radius to your jobsite. Typically we perform hotpours for elevators, forklifts, tow motors, graders, front end loaders, excavators, etc.
  • We have 40 years experience doing custom lead alloy castings. For example, we have created thousands of products for the following industries:
    • Automotive (counterbalance weights, body solder, etc)
    • Nuclear Safety / Barriers & Shielding - containers, vials, lead bricks and blocks, lead lined drywall, lead covered plywood, steel, and custom enclosures lead glass dentist and x-ray rooms and suites
    • Marine - commercial and pleasure craft shipping and boating; counterbalance weights, ballast, custom keels
    • Hard chrome plating: solid, or copper / aluminum / steel core, grid anode, custom conforming anode
    • Electrical generation and other utilities
    • Construction
    • Elevator and other Counterbalance Weights
    • Material Handling: counterbalance / counterweight ballast & lead fills – your site or ours
    • Metal finishing
    • Stained glass – came lead all profiles
    • Tar Sands / Oil Fields – extremely thin-walled lead sleeves for core sampling laboratory analysis
    • Misc. Custom Weights – crusher slugs/weights for quarry; counterweights for fishing nets and lines; lead hammers, lead cable weights, lead window sash weights (round / square)
  • A reminder: Alchemy Castings and Extrusions manufactures custom lead castings from ounces to tons. Small prototype orders or large production runs, we can cast it all.
Typical Coatings:
  • Painting
  • Powder Coating
  • Chrome Plating
  • Covering with Plywood and Wallboard
  • Plastisol Coating

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Available Plastisol Colors:

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