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Weights & Ballast

What we can do:

At Alchemy Extrusions and Castings, we manufacture our lead weights to tight tolerances.

From prototype to production parts, ounces to tons, Alchemy can offer you a broad range of possibilities for your ballast concerns.

Some of the industries & applications we cater to include: Lead Ballast for Aircraft, Lead Ballast for Boats, Boom Trucks, Door Manufacturers, Elevators, Material Handling, Motion Picture, Sailboats, Theatres, Go-Karts… just to name a few!

If you need an on-location hot-pour into your equipment, we will gladly drive to your jobsite. Typically we perform hot-pours for elevators, forklifts, tow motors, graders, front end loaders, excavators, and similar equipment.

Our Processes include:

  • Cast Products
  • Machined Products
  • Die-Cast Products
  • Extruded Products
  • Hot Poured Products
  • Rolled Products

The benefits:

  • We can reduce your counterweight size and maintain the required weight when space is a concern.
  • We can maintain your current design and make it 40% heavier than steel or 60% heavier than cast-iron.
  • Free Up your Valuable Manufacturing Space – We provide Full Manufacturing capabilities including engineering, designing, welding, container fabrication, finishing. Our counterweights are shipped to you ready for your final assembly.
  • Just-in-Time deliveries saves you storage space and reduce your inventory levels.
  • We Ship Worldwide – Let us take care of getting your orders to you.

Weight & Ballast Categories

Tap a category and scroll down to see your choice.

Counterbalance Weights

Lead offers the best combination of cost-efficiency and space-efficiency. Replacing your iron or steel counterbalance with lead lets you to increase the weight of your counterbalance without increasing its size.

We manufacture our counterbalance weights on-site, or, if required, we can come to your location and hot-pour your lead on-site.

Elevator Weights

We can make any size, weight, or shape that you require. You can simply send us your CAD drawing or a sketch with dimensions, and we’ll do the rest.

Using lead weights, we can increase the weight of your elevator weight without increasing the weight’s dimensions.

To give you an idea, a cubic foot of iron weighs about 491 lbs, whereas the same volume of lead weighs about 708 lbs.

Window Weights

We specialize in retrofitting heritage windows with weights of the same size and weight/density.

Whether you require round or square, with or without eyelet, solid or hollow, we’ve got you covered!

Dive Weights

Lead’s density allows us to reduce the size of your weights without reducing its ballast potential, making for the most comfortable and convenient dive weights.

  • Available in two styles (Contour & Bullet) and 8 standard sizes.
  • Use our Contour weight for comfort, and the Bullet weight to place the most weight on any given length of belt.

Other Extrusions

  • Our 100 ton press is ready to serve your needs
  • Some sizes available from stock
  • We have numerous dies in stock to help expedite your order and save you money
  • We specialize in custom work – you let us know what you need and we will find a way to get it done

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